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A 3rd year student that serves as an adviser due to her experience as the former Council President. She also has a sister named Helena who is the current Chief Director of Ryusei Academy.



Battle & Status AbilityEdit

  • Title: Paladienne
  • Weapon: Foretell Piercing
  • Attribute: Light
  • Status:
  1. Power: 3
  2. Speed: 1
  3. Charge: 4
  4. Defence: 4
  5. Support: 3
  6. Temptation: 5
  • EX Attack:
  1. Cardinal Brightia (EX Purify)
  2. Sprite Strain (EX Fairy)
  3. Exect Divinity (EX Divine)

Ria is the opposite of Misa. While Misa excel in speed but lack in charge, Ria excel in charge but lack in speed. She also have high Defence making her very hard to knocked and receive little damage. Her EX also very useful to knockback and drain enemy EX gauge (gain portion of it when charged) and powers up other characters who are in unison with her.




  • Height: 163cm
  • Weight: 51kg
  • B/W/H: 93/61/88
  • Blood: O
  • Birthday: 1 April
  • Foot Size: 23 cm
  • Like: Wagashi (Especially like rice cake wrapped in an oak leaf)
  • Dislike: Spicy Thing
  • Hobby: Picture Diary
  • Special Skill: Abstract painting


  • Kujou Ria,Ganbarimasu (In Battle) = Kujou Ria, i`ll do my best.



  • Ria Bust is the largest of all girl in Twinkle Crusaders.
  • Ria win 1st place in Kurukuru character vote, 2nd place in Kurukuru PSS character vote.
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