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Vice-president of student council and Synn self proclaimed rival.



Battle & Status AbilityEdit

  • Title: Storm Sagittarius
  • Weapon: Dual Rapid Shooter
  • Attribute: Thunder
  • Status:
  1. Power: 2
  2. Speed: 5
  3. Charge: 1
  4. Defence: 3
  5. Support: 3
  6. Technique: 5
  • EX Attack:
  1. Noblesse Laser (EX Barrage)
  2. Blastic Cyclone (EX Reideen)
  3. Dimensional Wave (EX BlastHz)

In battle, Misa use Thunder Element and is the fastest in Crusaders. Even so, she is opposite of Ria, while Misa excel at speed but lack at charge, Ria excel at charge but lack at speed. Her support and defence is balance, but her power low, same as lolotte.


Misa advantage is her speed is the fastest and her EX attack Noblesse Laser, despite low damage, capable of decreasing enemy stun gauge faster, especially if charged, her EX attack Noblesse Laser '(EX Barrage)' will become Dimensional Wave '(EX BlastHz) , capable stunning enemy at one attack, allowing other character to inflict more damage to stunned enemy. Her EX attack Blastic Cyclone (EX Reideen) is an area attack that attack enemy near ACT line and knock them about 5 to 15 frame. If charged, the range of area damage is increased.


Misa disadvantage is her charge is the lowest of all character and her attack is low. The required frame for her charge is equal to her speed, meaning that if you use normal attack or charge, her positioned frame is same. Although her charge can be compensated if Misa is in unison with character that have fast charge such as Ria. Her attack power is low and doesn`t inflict many damage.




  • Height: 160cm
  • Weight: 42kg
  • B/W/H: 88/58/86
  • Blood: A
  • Birthday: 3 Febuary
  • Foot Size: 23 cm
  • Favorite Thing: Tea (also like Curry Rice & Hamburger)
  • Dislike: Carrot, Green Pepper (However, it endure)
  • Hobby: Collect Cute Thing, Poem Contribution
  • Special Skill: Song, (Choir Leader), Poem



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